How To Write A Brief Resume ~ Brief Resumes

A brief resume, or snapshot resume, is just what it sounds like: a mini summary of your strengths, experience, work history, and education.

Most free resume builders aren’t designed to create brief resumes, so you’ll need to write this type of resume from scratch.

What Is A Brief Resume Format

A brief resume format is an overview of your accomplishments, and can range from a paragraph to a half-page in length.

When Should You Use A Brief Resume Format

Because a brief resume only contains snippets of what you’ve done, it can be helpful to use if:
•you’re applying for a volunteer position
•you’re applying for a job within your company and something simple is needed to introduce you to other managers
•you’re networking
•you need to produce information for a bio (for an article, speaking engagement, etc.)

Other types of resumes include: functional resume, chronological resume, narration resume, combination resume, and online resume.