How To Write A Combination Resume ~ Combination Resumes

Typically, a combination resume combines the best of a functional resume with elements of a chronological resume, but it could also include features of a narration resume.
Most free resume builders offer combination resume format options, which can save you time when you’re writing your resume.

What Is A Combination Resume Format

A combination resume format generally starts out as a functional resume (with skills, qualifications, strengths, and abilities listed at the top) and then folds in elements of a chronological resume (straightforward job history, in reverse chronological order, with company names and dates of employment).

When Should You Use A Combination Resume Format

Because a combination resume format spotlights your abilities, you should use a combination resume if:
•your qualifications and strengths outweigh your job history
•you’re changing careers
•you want to customize your resume for a specific job opening or position

Other types of resumes include: functional resume, chronological resume, narration resume, brief resume, and online resume.